Engineering Practice

Purpose and Content of the Engineering Practice (IP)

The IP is a part of the curriculum. It provides the students wit the possibility to practically apply acquired methodic knowledge to real-life applications.

Therefore the project carried out in the IP should

  • give insights to the actual work of an engineer and correspond to the task spectrum in the respective job market,
  • include planning and conceptual work,
  • refer clearly to the competences aquired in semesters 1-4 (Grundstudium) of the Bachelor’s program Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik.

Time Frame of the IP

The IP is pass/fail course (“bewertete Studienleistung”) and therefore can only be taken up after enrolment in the Bachelor’s program. In general, the IP can be taken at any time during the degree program. However, it is advised to do it after the GOP (Grundlagen- und Orientierungsprüfung) exams have been passed in order to build upon the aquired basic competencies in the area of electrical and computer engineering.

The duration of the IP is 9 weeks altogether full time work (corresponding to 12 ECTS).

The IP can be divided in 2 parts of 4 and 5 weeks, respectively.

In reasonably justified cases the IP also can be performed as part time work of at least 20 hours per week over a consecutive period of at least 8 weeks. Thus the overall duration is 18 weeks of at least 20 hours per week.

Vacation days as well as days missed due to medical leave have to be made up.

Procedure and Approach

The student looks for an internship position in industry, in administrative services or in a research institution. The student can also do the internship at university institute or Professorship under the same conditions (full time work), as a rule, without payment. The IP can also be performed in a foreign company or foreign university. The supervisor at the company (institute) defines a project and drafts a work plan together with the student.

Conducting the IP in an company owned or managed by the student of close relatives is not permitted.

The student submits the work plan at least 4 weeks before the start date of the internship together with the filled out and signed form (Antrag auf Ableistung der Ingenieurpraxis) to the student services office. There, the form and work plan will be distributed to a professor of the department (exemplary work plan 1, exemplary work plan 2). In order to help identify a professor, the student should mark the topic area of the planned IP on the form.

The professor confirms to supervise the IP by signing the form and sends the form back to the student services office. Subsequently the student will be informed about the approval or rejection of the IP.

The successful completion of the internship (with information about the duration and weekly working hours) will be confirmed by the company by signing the form (Bestätigung über die erfolgreich abgeleistete Ingenieurpraxis)

The student writes a technical report about his/her project, motivation, achievements and results (in German or English; at least 3 DIN-A4 pages for 4 weeks or 6 pages for 9 weeks) according to the sample structure provided (Mustergliederung) and the guidelines for the report (Richtlinien für den Bericht). Only those achievements described in the report can be evaluated.

The report, the filled out and signed form (Bestätigung) and the internship certificate (“Arbeitszeugnis”) have to be submitted to the above assigned supervising professor (named by student services office) for evaluation. The student also has to make an oral presentation about his/her achievements at the professorship of the supervisor. The duration as well as the type of presentation is determined by the supervising professor.

The professor confirms by signature the successful internship completion and submits the form (Bestätigung über die erfolgreich abgeleistete Ingenieurpraxis) to the student services office.

After successful completion the internship will be credited in TUMonline.

If the student fails in an IP he/she can repeat it as often as needed while being enrolled, but with a different topic.

Approval of achievements that have been performed prior to the study program

The IP committee decides upon request about approval of achievements that have been performed before the start of the study program (e.g., vocational training) as an IP. If a student wants to make such a request, he/she has to submit the respective form (Antrag auf Anerkennung) to the student services office. The student has to submit all necessary documents: training certificate, confirmation of company, IHK certificate and a technical report of 5 DIN A4 pages (with a description of aquired skills and achievements obtained). The student must apply for the approval of achievements in the first semester. The report must be written according the sample structure and refer to the above mentioned criteria (point 1).

An appropriate apprenticeship can be approval by the IP comittee. No technical report is necessary in this case.

Also a certificate of “Höhere Technische Lehranstalt” (Österreich) and “Gewerbeoberschule” (Südtirol) in the area of Electrical Engineering are approved without report.

Engineer Practice Commitee (IPA)

Chairman: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Kellerer
Registrar: Dipl.-Betriebswirtin (FH) Maria Lautner