Doctoral Candidate Representatives at FGZ-EI

Once every year and among all doctoral candidates at FGZ-EI, two doctoral candidate representatives are elected. They stand in for the interests of FGZ-EI doctoral candidates with the TUM Graduate Council. Furthermore, they are full members of the FGZ-EI steering board ("Vorstand FGZ-EI"). They also organize and support events like FGZ-EI Meet and Greet each semester and also co-organize TUMBlue. Term of office is 1 year (August 1st till July 31st), reelection is possible.

You may approach the Representatives direcly wiith your questions or concerns.

First Representative:
Jonas Umlauft - jonas.umlauft(at)  Tel.: +49-89-289-25735

Sencond Representative:
Lorenz Viernstein - lorenz.viernstein(at) Tel: +49-89-289-25586

FGZ-EI Meet and Greet

The FGZ-EI doctoral representatives are organizing a Meet & Greet for all doctoral students in electrical engineering (membership of FGZ-EI is not necessary), together with the Graduate Center Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (FGZ-EI). The event will take place on Wednesday, Jul 19th 2017, at 6pm in Room N1135. The doctoral representatives will present their previous work and will inform about upcoming issues. The Meet & Greet is sponsored by the FGZ-EI and dinner/drinks will be provided. Doctoral candidates from different institutes are encouraged to exchange experiences in a casual atmosphere.

For the first time, there will be a table soccer tournament: After a short introduction, the best team among the EI-PhDs is determined on two competition tables.

Registration is possible until Jul 17th 2017 at fgz-ei(at) (incl. note of participation in the tournament or not and teammate, who should also be registered)