Mission Statement

Whether the Internet, automotives or entertainment electronics – rapid change and permanent innovation is what today’s world is all about. None of it would be possible without electrical and computer engineering. Efficient electrical and electronic devices and systems play a key role in business and society. Measured in revenues and employee numbers, electrical and computer engineering join mechanical engineering and automobile manufacturing as one of the three biggest branches of German industry. And not only that: electrical engineers are increasingly in demand, especially in the automotive industry. Economic vitality and jobs are therefore heavily dependent on the innovative ability of engineers and the quality of industrial products. By the same token, international competition is on the rise. As a result, adaptable and future-oriented education and advanced training as well as internationally competitive research are absolutely essential in any bid to stay at the cutting edge.
The TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering – one of Germany’s largest and leading engineering departments – geared itself up for precisely that scenario at an early stage and is excellently equipped for the challenges of the years ahead. The close links between teaching and research, broad subject coverage, organization in efficient instructional and research units, and application of efficient methods of resource planning and allocation combine to put the department in a position to react fast and to pick up on new developments, while maintaining the continuity of this discipline with its rich tradition.