Rebuilding of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Garching

The TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is going to move from the city campus in Munich to the research campus Garching within the next few years. For that reason, a new department building is erected in Garching. The architectural competition that took place within that context was won by a draft of HENN from Munich.

Rendering of the new department building (Image: HENN)

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is one of the leading engineering departments in Germany. The chairs and professorships are located in 11 buildings, all of them having been built between 1905 and 1994. Due to the long usage, the buildings do no longer meet the modern requirements for teaching and research and are also not able to cover the increasing space requirements. Therefore, the department is going to move to the research campus Garching in the next few years.

For the construction of the first department building, the Staatliches Bauamt München 2 had arranged a competition. The expectation was a draft compliant with the general offer – a "conceptually and creatively modern and future-oriented research establishment," that is meant to be built in the western part of the research campus on a total of 28,952 square meters.

"Due to the rebuilding, the department is able to refine itself spatially," explains the dean of the department, Professor Wolfgang Utschick. "Research and teaching will benefit enormously from the new possibilities in Garching."

The beginning of the first construction phase with a total value of 66 million euro in Garching has started in April 2018. At the end of 2020, 10 out of the current 45 chairs and professorships are initially supposed to move in the new buildings. The department wants to avoid a long spatial segregation by all means. "The rest of the rebuilding needs to follow close upon the first construction phase. Hopefully the funds for the remaining parts of the rebuilding project are provided as soon as possible," says Dr. Max Mornau, managing director of the department. The costs for the entire rebuilding are estimated at 520 million euro. A funding is not yet ensured.

Move to Garching and its effects on teaching

In the first construction phase, especially the chairs and professorships of the CoC (center of competence) Electronic, Optoelectronic and Hybrid Devices are going to move to Garching. Even after the first construction phase, most of the seminars of the department will still take place at the city campus in Munich. Only individual elective seminars of lecturers belonging to the moving CoC will take place in Garching upon completion of the first construction phase. Especially the obligatory seminars continue to take place at the city campus on a long-term basis.

The obligatory seminars as well as all electives will not be relocated to Garching until the beginning of the second construction phase (presumably after 2025) and after the construction of the lecture hall complex. Current students as well as freshmen of the session 2016/17 will finish their degree almost completely at the city campus.