Veröffentlichung im Journal of Power Sources

Im Journal of Power Sources wurde am 10. Januar 2022 der Artikel mit folgendem Titel veröffentlicht:

"Adaptive method for sensorless temperature estimation over the lifetime oflithium-ion batteries"

Die Publikation ist bis zum 1. März 2022 unter folgendem Link open-access verfügbar:

Die Autoren des Lehrstuhls sind Sebastian Ludwig, Ilya Zilberman, Andreas Oberbauer, Marcel Rogge, Marco Fischer, Mathias Rehm und Andreas Jossen.


Over the last decade, several impedance-based temperature estimation methods for lithium-ion cells have beenproposed in the literature. However, the influence of cell degradation on these methods is rarely considered. Inthis paper, we therefore investigate the influence of aging on the temperature estimation method, presented inour previous work, by tracking the capacity fade and resistance change of a 6s1p module over 200 cycles. Bothcapacity fade and resistance change were found to affect the accuracy of the temperature estimation method,leading to a root mean square error (RMSE) of up to15Kwithout adaptation to cell aging. Fitting the referenceused for temperature estimation with linear operations and a nonlinear least-squares solver (NLS) to the agingdata proved to be a valid method of compensating for the effects of aging. Derived from the fitting results,an online applicable aging adjustment scheme based on the checkup values is proposed to maintain a stabletemperature estimation over battery lifetime. Using a simple resistance offset correction and an accurate stateof charge and health estimation, the temperature estimation error stabilizes at an average RMSE of below2Kfor each cell in the module over its entire lifetime.