International Study Programs

Opportunities for international students


The TUM department Electrical and Computer engineering welcomes international students. Each year around 600 new students come from abroad for undergraduate and graduate studies, for student exchange, and for various forms of projects. Together with its programs in Singapore about 40% of the department's students have an international background.

TUM Virtual Master's Days 2022

Meet the Program Managers of TUM EI Master Study Programs and ask all your general questions in a public zoom meeting. This event is part of TUM's Virtual Master's Days 2022

When: April 8th, 2022, 13:00-15:00.
   at   13:00:  Masterstudiengang Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik (in German)
   at ~13.30:  Master of Science in Communications Engineering (International study program, in English)
   at ~14:00:  Master of Science in Neuroengineering (International study program, in English)

Please consider that we offer a public zoom event. In case of more individual questions, or questions related to your personal situation, kindly approach the study programs directly by using the email contacts provided on each program website.

Information on the study programs is available here for download

The link for online registration and zoom credentials will be published shortly on Virtual Master's Days 2022
(Last update: 22.02.2022)

Opportunities for students proficient in German

If you know German well and already hold one of the accepted language certificates, you are eligible to apply for "Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik" either on undergraduate level, or on graduate level with a completed Bachelor's degree. Both programs cover the whole spectrum of Electrical and Computer Engineering with the opportunity for individual specialisation.

Opportunities for students proficient in English

If you hold one of the accepted proofs of English proficiency, your choice is between one of the specialised graduate programs either at TUM's home campus or at our TUM Asia branch campus. Undergraduate programs in English are also offered by TUM Asia.

Opportunities without special language proficiency requirements

While full time programs require either a German or English proficiency certificate, TUM offers building blocks to integrate into your education, either as exchange students, for internships or summer schools.

In case you already hold a Master or equivalent degree, you might be interested in pursuing a PhD in one of the department's exciting research areas.

Opportunities for TUM Degree Students

Experience abroad is a key factor these days in competing for a job after graduation. It helps you further your intercultural skills and develop your personality. Both our Department and the TUM centrally offer a variety of exchange programs to this end.

More information for TUM Degree Students about Exchange Programms.