Advanced Topics in IoT Security

Module Number: EIneu

Duration: one semester

Occurence: summer semester

Language: English

Number of ECTS: 5


Professor in charge: Sebastian Steinhorst

Amount of work

Contact hours: 45

Self-study hours: 105

Total: 150

Description of Achievement and Assessment Methods

Achievement of the intended learning outcomes is assessed by submitting a four pages seminar paper (50%), regular discussions about the progression of the project and next steps (25%), and 30-minute oral presentation with a discussion of the paper topic (25%).

Prerequisites (recommended)

Basic knowledge of LaTeX typesetting for the seminar paper; Passing the following courses are recommended:
1) IoT Security
2) System Design for the Internet of Things

Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students are able to:
• Demonstrate knowledge of the security issues of the Internet of Things
• Understanding the vulnerabilities that threaten IoT systems and the countermeasures used to protect this system.
• Develop critical thinking skills, lead a scientific discussion, write and presenting research ideas.


In this seminar, students will broaden their understanding of IoT security by discussing recent attacks and vulnerabilities that threaten different IoT systems (such as intelligent vehicles, e-health systems, etc.) and countermeasure approaches proposed to mitigate these attacks. Many topics will be offered, and each student needs to choose one topic and write a short paper about it. The seminar will mimic the workflow of real conferences: Students need to submit research papers, perform peer-review to other submissions, and finally present their papers.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Each participant prepares a seminar paper based on the topic that (s)he selects. At the end of the semester, students need to present their papers in front of the seminar participants. During the semester, one or two students need to present their progress and lead a discussion about their topic every week. Other participants need to engage in the discussion. In the introductory parts of the seminar, the skills that students need to write their papers will be taught in a teacher-centered style.


The following media are used:
- Presentations (Projector, Blackboard)
- Seminar proceedings based on the seminar papers prepared by the participants
- E-learning platform Moodle

Reading List

One or more scientific papers per topic will be provided to each participant of the seminar.