Brain, Mind and Cognition

Module Number: EI7314

Duration: 1 Semester

Occurence: Winter Semester

Language: English

Number of ECTS: 5


Professor in charge: Klaus Diepold

Amount of work

Study hours: 60

Self studying hours: 90

Total: 150

Description of achievement and assessment methods

At least 3 of 5 written homework tasks have to be handed in. With these and an active participation n the discussions students proof their understanding of literature (60%).

Students have to hand in a summarizing essay to proof their ability if interdisziplinary interrelations (40%).


Students read literature (up to 5 books) within the context of Brain, Mind, and Cognition and discuss in groups. The goal is to answer the question about how we learn from literature about the structure and function of Brain, Mind, and Cognition. Which inspiration can we get for technical tasks? A lecture accompanies the seminar with background knowledge abour neuro- and cognition science in the context of cognitive robots.

Study goals

After successful completion of the module students have a broad and interdisciplinary access to the field of "Brain, Mind, and Cognition". They are able to understand and assess such concepts. Based on literature students are able to identify scientific problems and device them.

Teaching and learning methods

Students read the asigned literature within a given duration and write a statement about their individual understanding. A written guideline and a list of key questions supports the students. During a contact hour students discuss the literature under the aspect of a given question. Finally students qirte a summary of the discussion results and their own insights. A lecture provides additional background knowledge.

Media formats

Books and literature (patially in digital from as web download); lecture with PPTs


Literature is updated each semester and will be announced in www.