Communications Lab

Module Number: EI5032

Duration: 1 Semester

Occurence: Winter semester

Language: English

Number of ECTS: 6


Professor in charge: Gerhard Kramer

Amount of work

Contact hours: 60

Self-study hours: 30

Total: 90

Description of achievement and assessment methods

5 written exams for 5 of the experiments (PCM, DMC, DMV, DBT, SDR)

Each exam counts for 20% of the total grade and take 30 minutes. (20% x 5 = 100%, 5 x 30 min.)

The exams contain questions about the theoretical background and pricniplees of communications engineering (given  in lecture notes) as well as the applications and the practical results obtained during each experiment.

Exam type: written

Exam duration: 5 x 30 min.

Possibility of re-taking: In the next semester: Yes; at the end of the semester: No

Homework: Yes

Lecture: No

Conversation: Yes

Written paper: No

Redommended requirements

Signal representation in time-and frequency-domain; basic knowledge about digital and analog communication systems; basic knowledge about statistics


Introduction to communication systems based on experiments and computer simulations: signal properties; signal processing (filtering, sampling, quantization); principles in source and channel coding; analog and digital modulation schemes;  channel properties (fading, noise); optimal receiver filters; baseband transmission; time-, frequency- and space- diversity

Teaching and learning methods

  • Learning method: In order to prepare for the experiments the students have to read theoretical background knowledge about the subject and to solve excercises in advance.
  • Teaching method: The students perform experiments in a group of two or three students according to written instructions. The students are advised by a tutor. At the end the content is summarized.

Media formats

The following kinds of media are used:

  • presentations
  • lecture notes
  • exercises with solutions as download


The following literature is recommended:

  • J. Proakis: "Digital Communications" McGraw Hill, 2000
  • D. Tse and P. Viswanath: "Fundamentals of Wireless Communications" Cambrigde University Press, 2005