Lab CMOS A/D Converter Design

Designing critical parts of an A/D converter using circuit simulation software

Module Number: EI78060

Duration: 1 Semester

Ocurrence: Winter Semester

Language: English

Number of ECTS: 6


Professor in charge: Ralf Brederlow

Amount of work

Contact hours: 75

Self-study hours: 105

Total: 180

Description of achievement and assessment methods

The module is examined in form of a lab performance with the following components:
• The performance of the circuits designed during the lab according to the given specification is evaluated.
• The design, its performance and presentation is presented in a 10 minutes talk (5 mins. each group member).
• The students will write a documentation of their design and its performance. This group report (10 - 15 pages).

Recommended requirements

Solid-State and Semiconductor Device Physics, Analog and Mixed-Signal Electronics, CMOS Analog-to-Digital Converters

Study goals

Upon successful completion of the lab the students are able to design and verify transistor level integrated mixed-signal circuits and small systems according to a given specification. They are able to start the design with a system-level implementation and then realize the circuit blocks at transistor level. Some blocks will be designed from scratch, some will be reused from other existing designs, with an appropriate selection. Both at system level and at transistor level, specific circuit design software will be used.


Using the circuit designed and the knowledge from the prior basic lab (reference or power supply), a simple A/D or D/A converter architecture will be build and verified for circuit functionality and performance with non-idealities.


Working instructions and computer + software (Matlab, Cadence Design environment) will be provided.