Nanomagnetic Devices Lab

Module Number: EI78071

Duration: 1 Semester

Occurence: winter and summer semester

Language: English

Number of ECTS: 6


Professor in charge: Eva-Maria Weig

Amount of work

Contact hours: 90

Self-study hours: 90

Total: 180

Description of Achievement and Assessment Methods

Homework (33%) Execution of the Lab (33%) Record of the Lab / Printout (33%)

Prerequisites (recommended)

Knowledge of semiconductor processing technology, electronic metrology and MATLAB programming

Intended Learning Outcomes

After attending the lab, the students are able to create a novel nanomagnetic device. The theoretical background can be applied. The students understand the applied fabrication steps, they are able to apply the measurement techniques and analyse possible error mechanisms. The students are able to evaluate the correct function of the device by various measurements.


Starting from the idea of a novel, nanomagnetic device, the students will learn current research. First, the theoretical background is prepared and a design draft for the device is developed. After that, the device is fabricated and the results are presented. Hence, the device idea will be put into a practical research result and benchmarked during regular teaching and tutorial meetings. Beside standard microelectronic processing technology e.g. sputtering and ion-etching, the students will learn how to operate a scanning electron microscope, apply focused ion beam patterning and scanning probe microscopy as well as magneto-optical Kerr microscopy. The results of the lab will be recorded in a written lab protocol by the students.

Teaching and Learning Methods

In the framework of a current research project, a novel nanomagnetic device will be desigend, fabricated and characterized. Lectures will provide the theoretical background, homework and tutorials will inspire the students to deepen their knowledge. Fabrication and characterisation tasks are supervised by wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeitern and technical staff. During the reviews, results concerning the defined benchmarks will be presented by the students


Presentation, handout notes, blackbord notes

Reading List

Lab notes, Dissertation: "Nanomagnetic Logic in Focused Ion Beam Engineered Co/Pt Multilayers", Markus Becherer, TU München, 2011