Satelitte Navigation

Module Number: EI0432

Duration: 1 semester

Occurence: Winter Semester

Language: English

Number of ECTS: 6


Professor in charge: Christoph Günther

Description of achievement and assessment methods

Examination with the following elements: - Final exam (75%) - Midterm exam (25%)

Exam type: written

Exam duration (min.): 75

Possibility of retaking: In the next semester: Yes; at the end of the semester: No

Homework: Yes

Lecture: No

Conversation: No

Written paper: No

Recommended requirements

Mathematics, Signal description in time and frequency domain, Fundamentals of probability calculations and statistics.


Radio based determination of position, time and velocitySatellite Orbits and ConstellationsNavigation Services and Signals (Modulation and Codes) Receivers: Signal Acquisition and Tracking Propagation: Multipath, Ionosphere and Troposphere Measures of AccuracyGNSS Systems: Time - Relativistic Corrections; and Terrestrial Reference System

Study goals

Understanding satellite navigation from first principle. The lecture provides insights into the functionning and performance of satellite navigation. It provides the basis for further studies of the subject.

Teaching and learning methods

  • Lerning method: In addition to the lecture, students familiarize themselves with the material by studying their notes or a book, and by attending the mandatory exercises.
  • Teaching method: Lectures are delivered in a front style manner. Questions are highly appreciated - they introduce a level of interaction, and mutual adaptation. The exercises are held in a student-centered way.

Media formats

The following media are used:

  • Presentations (powerpoint slides, and blackboard for derivations)
  • Lecture notes (book)
  • Exercises with solutions as download.


The following literature is recommended:

  • Misra, P., Enge, P., Global Positioning System: Signals, Measurements, and Performance, Ganga-Jamuna Press, 2nd ed. (2006)
  • Kaplan, E., Hegarty, C., Understanding GPS: Principles and Applications, Artech House, 2nd ed. (2006).