Scientific seminar on structure, architecture and application of sensor circuits

Module Number: EI77500

Duration: 1 Semester

Occurence: Winter and Summer Semester

Language: English


Professsor in charge: Ralf Brederlow

Amount of work

Contact hours: 45

Self study hours: 105

Total: 150

Description of Achievement and Assessment Methods

Module examination with the following components: - Regular discussions with the assigned supervisor (research assistant) about the progress of the work and the procedure - Preparation and presentation of the results (15 minutes) followed by discussion / colloquium (10 minutes) - Written elaboration of the results as housework

Prerequisites (recommended)

Electronic devices. Semiconductor physics, Basics in analog circuit design, Lecture EI74341 Mixed-Signal Electronics


The module participants independently develop current scientific contributions to questions in the conception of (integrated) analog circuits for concrete practical applications / questions. They are supported by reasearch assistants. The results will be presented in a presentation. A list of topics available for processing is available at the beginning of the semester on request from the chair.

Intended Learning Outcomes

After attending the module, students will be able to scientifically work on a circuit design for specific applications, present the results in front of a specialist audience and then discuss the results.

Reading List

Literature will be discussed during the first lecture and can be accessed via TUM library