Seminar Micro- and Nanosystems Technology

Module Number: EI77692

Duration: one semester

Occurence: winter and summer semester

Language: German/English

Amount of Work

Contact hours: 45

Self-study hours: 105

Total: 150

Description of Achievement and Assessment Methods

During the semester, the students author a written report regarding the chosen topic in form of a scientific article or conference paper (3-4 pages). The assessment of this paper forms 75% of the final grade.
Furthermore, a presentation of about 20 minutes regarding the chosen topic with a following 10 minute discussion determines 25% of the final grade.

Prerequisites (recommended)

No specific requirements

Intended Learning Outcomes

After successfully taking part in this module, the students are able to understand a topic from the field of micro- and nanosystem technology, choose a specific part of this field and specify and structure this topic for presentation to a scientific audience. Furthermore, the students are able to present the topic in an oral and written form according to scientific standards. They learn the basics to create scientific articles and papers and are able to constructively judge such articles and can apply this knowledge to other articles.


Changing topics in the field of micro and nanosystem technology. This consists of integrated analog and mixed-signal systems as well as RF radio and location systems.
The participants independently work on a scientific topic and generate a written article of 3-4 pages. This article should fulfill the format and content quality of a scientific article or conference paper. The students present their topic in a presentation with subsequent discussion

Teaching and Learning Methods

Each student independently works on the chosen topic. A kick-off meeting provides information and resources regarding the scientific research and writing methods as well as the form of the final oral presentation.
Additionally, each participant has a personal supervisor. This supervisor should help at the beginning of the research by providing according literature as well as definition and focus of the topic. The supervisor helps the students with questions and scientific discussions


- preparation of a presentation
- the articles of the participants will be provided online for the other participants

Reading List

Several topics with advice for literature will be provided at the beginning of the seminar. Each participant chooses a topic.