Seminar on Security in Information Technology

Module number: EI5092

Duration: 1 Semester

Occurence: Winter semester

Language: English

Number of ECTS: 5


Professor in charge: Georg Sigl

Amount of work

Study hours: 45

Self-studying hours: 105

Total: 150

Description of achievement and assessment methods

Modul exam with following parts:

  • Written report about given topic and evaluation carried out on other seminar reports in form of peer reviews (50%).
  • 30-minute presentation and discussion of the given topic (50%)

Exam type: written and oral

Exam duration: not specified

Possibility of re-taking: In the next semester: Yes  At the end of the semester: No

Homework: No

Lecture: es

Conversation: No

Written paper: Yes

Recommended requirements

The following modules should be passed before selecting this module:

  • Kryptologie or similar base-level course

Additionally, the following courses are recommended:

  • Sichere Implementierung kryptographischer Verfahren
  • Selected Topics in System Security


Topics on secuirty of systems for information technology with varying focus:

Students of this modul work independently on current scientific topics and write a scientific report, which is assesed by a peer-review process. Finally, a presentation of the results of the work is given to all module participants. The understanding of the topic is deepened by intensive discussion.

Study goals

After successful completion of the module, students have knowledge on current problems and hot topics in the field of security of systems for information technology.

Afterwards, the students is capable to carry out scientific work on up-to-date topics in the field of security of systems for information technology, to write scientific papers, and to asses the value of scientific papers. Furthermore, students are able to present the acquired knowledge to a scientific audience by a talk.

Teaching and learning methods

An individual subject-specific task has to be solved by each participant autonomously.

With all tasks, a specific supervisor is associated who supports the participant. The support especially focuses on the beginning of the seminar where the supervisor helps the assigned participant to become acquainted with the topic and to find reasonable literature to start with. Supervisors will also provide hints to solve the task and to prepare the paper and the presentation.

Furthermore, a presentation training will be carried out and an introduction to scientific writing will be offered.

Media formats

  • Slides for presentations of the participants
  • Peer-Review in Moodle


not specified