Admission Requirements

To be eligible to apply for MSCE, you require a Bachelor degree or equivalent from a university that rated H+ at Anabin in electrical engineering and/or information technology.

Application Procedure

Application for the Program:

1. Prepare your application

2. You apply via TUMonline (required documents)

3. We review your application

4. We notify you about your admission (rejection or interview) (assessment process)

5. You accept your spot and submit all documents for enrolment (required documents for enrolment)

6. You pay the semester fee

7. We complete your enrolment

8. You get your student card



Recommended deadline: March 15, 2023 (especially for Non-EU students)

Applicants who have applied until March 15 will get a result probably by End of May.

Admission results for applicants March 15 - May 31 are announced latest in September 2023.

Applicants from the following countries/provinces (China, Georgia and Iran) should note the special conditions.