Required Documents for Enrolment (only for admitted students)

As soon as you accept your spot, you will be able to submit the required documents for enrollment.

Enrollment is the step that makes you a student of TUM.

To complete your enrollment, we need a signed printout of the application for enrollment and all documents for enrollment in the correct form.

Please note that the signed application for enrollment and all documents required as notarized hardcopies always have to be submitted by post.

All documents not originally issued in German or English need to be translated.

TUM does not assume any liability for unsolicited original certificates. Please note that all hardcopies are digitalized and destroyed after the end of the application period.

The application for enrollment as well as a list of the required documents will be displayed in your TUMonline account.

Send the application form printed and signed

You can upload a passport photography in your account

All students (<30 years) in Germany are required to have a health insurance. You have to present this proof of health insurance in order to enroll. Here you can see more information about the mandatory student health insurance in Germany. You can upload this confirmation.

This confirmation you can upload in your account.

This document has to be sent as a certified copy.

This document has to be sent as a certified copy.

Maybe you have to hand in further documents e.g. APS Certificate etc.

Please check the list in your TUMonline account.

Further information here.