Frequently Asked Questions

If your university is rated H+ on Anabin, your degree will most likely be accepted. If you are unsure please ask the Student Service Centre.

No. The TUMonline application form will be closed automatically after 31 May at midnight (CEST). Hence, it is technically impossible to accept any applications arriving after the deadline.

Based on our experience regarding student visa issues, we recommend all non-EU Applicants to apply as early as possible, ideally before March. The final deadline for applications (EU as well as non-EU Applicants) is end of May.
Admission decisions for applications provided in April or May might not be available before end of July or August, which might result in severe problems in obtaining a visa.

You do not need any health insurance when you apply. But you will need it to enroll and have to present the confirmation from a health insurance provider in Germany at the admission office once you are in Munich. Please see TUM's information on student health insurance for details.

A language proficiency certificate with sufficient score is mandatory in order to apply. So you can not apply for the program.

Effective for MSNE applications with intended start of study Winter Semester 2022/2023, TUM has changed the set of mandatory application documents: Instead of reference letters, TUM Online prompts you for an written essay (mandatory application document)

TUM Master Neuroengineerin (MSNE) does not request GRE or GATE test scores in the application process.

Even if you already are a Master student you have to go through the application process for MSNE like everybody else and you can only start in the winter semester. After enrollment, you can apply for recognition of your Master courses. This is only possible for those courses that are considered identical to the respective courses in MSNE. It is up to the respective professor to decide on whether your request will be accepted.

Please do not ask whether any of your courses could be recognised before you enrol in MSNE! It is not our task to predict how many credits you might get recognised before it is clear whether you will actually start the MSNE program or not.

Since the MSNE program is an English language program, proficiency of the English language is required. Therefore – and to give all applicants the same chance – your motiviation letter has to be in English and the interview will be conducted in English as well.

We do not accept any application documents sent via email. All documents have to be uploaded to the online applciation system.

Applicants who successfully applied in previous year intake(s) (= applicants who passed MSNE assessment process and therefore received an admission letter for MSNE Master Program by TUM) but who deferred their start (= did not enrol) must apply once again in case they want to start at the next opportunity. MSNE study program only offers a winter intake.

They are prompted to provide all documents once again in TUM Online application system, within the regular application period. There is no need to update form sheets or to modify the documents, since the assessment result (admission) is already given. Please upload an updated CV.

Instead of a "List of all Credits in Excel-Form Sheet" (MSNE application form sheet), they may upload the admission letter or a personal letter explaining their re-application status.

A good source of information on lecture content is to browse the TUM Online Module Catalogue. The TUM Online Courses Cataloge lists the schedule of classes and lecturers. You don't have to register in TUM Online for this purpose.

You may approach lecturers directly as well. Hence, most requests including questions on organizational issues and will get forwarded with some delay to  anyway. Most lecturers do not share lecture materials used in classes in advance.

In case you are already studying at TUM - why not having a visit in one of the lectures. Please approach us in advance ( )and we inform the lecturer on your site visit.

If you are visiting TUM, you may request for a personal appointment with the MSNE Program Coordinator ( ), adding a list of questions and topics to your request.

You may approach MSNE students directly as well. Some MSNE students have agreed to be contacted by prospective applicants. (-> MSNE Student Facebbok Group, operated by students, no official TUM service).

How is student life at TUM/MSNE? Have a look at the MSNE Students Blog ( -> Link to MSNE Student Blog, operated by students, no official TUM service).









MSNE offers make-up modules during the first semester. However, admitted students may also use the time before first class to prepare in a self-study fashion. Have a look to our electives section to learn on make-up modules, pre-study classes and literature recommendations for the first semester.