Assessment Criteria and Process


The assessment process comprises two stages:

In stage 1, GPA, passed subjects, letter of motivation and two letters of reference are assessed. The highest possible score is 100. Applicants who have received 75 points are invited for an interview (stage 2).

Criteria for Stage 1

  • Overall grade in your Bachelor degree, max. 30 points
    Grade conversion using the "Bavarian Formula" (TUM Grade Conversion Tool)
  • Subjects during your Bachelor degree


    • Mathematics, max. 16 points
    • Fundamentals in Science (Physics, Biochemistry, Neuroscience), max. 9 points
    • Fundamentals in Engineering, in the fields of Bioengineering and Medical Engineering or Psychology, max. 10 points


  • A statement of purpose (motivation letter), max. 25 points
  • A written Essay, max 10 points

Applicants having succesfully passed the first stage (75 points and more) get an invitation for an interview. The interview usually takes about 30 minutes and can be done in person at TUM, by zoom, or by phone.


Criteria for Stage 2

  • Your qualification for MSNE
  • Your motivation
  • Your ability to communicate in the English language

For the final score, the mean value of your score in the interview and the score for your Bachelor education (overall grade and relevant subjects) is calculated. Hence, the highest possible final score in stage 2 is 65. If your score is at least 50 you will get admitted.

Each application is evaluated individually.