Written Essay - a mandatory Application Document

According to FPSO (MSNE), Applicants must provide an written essay as part of their application documents. Topics and resources will be announced here on this website.
In 2023, TUM Online MSNE application period will start February 1st 2023. By this date, we will publish:

  • Essay Topic #1
  • Essay Topic #2 
  • Essay Topic #3

Kindly register in TUM Online Application System. In the Application System, scroll down to your Essay section. Doing so, you get access to the Essay topics and Essay instructions.

MSNE Admission Essay Format:

Applicants choose one out of the three topics listed abocve. Applicants provide an essay, performing an journal article summary and analysis. Applicants are encouraged to consider:

  • Introduction – provide context for what the paper is about
  • Methods – what were the key methods used, and how do they work?
  • Results – what are the key results of the paper?
  • Contribution to the field – What key step forward did the technology presented provide, or what key problem did it solve? What are the pros/cons of this technology?
  • Conclusions – summarize important points of the above sections
  • References - Applicants are also welcome to seek out and source other relevant literature that assists in writing the summaries/ the essay.

Constraints for this written essay:

  • Written in English
  • Length between 550 and 650 words (word count including essay title and essay plain text, excluding reference list, excluding picture captions, excluding footnotes, excluding text in tables, excluding students' declaration text, excluding auxiliary file/meta information such as date and name of author information). Kindly provide your wordcount final statistics in the document.
  • Student declaration. Include this statement in the document: "Hereby I declare that I wrote the essay independently without using any sources or auxiliary means other than the ones indicated."  No signature required. 


  • Kindly provide the essay in a document form allowing to process text information, e.g. a pdf file generated by LaTeX, Word, or a different editor tool of your choice. Please do not provide a scanned immage of your essay. 
  • We do not provide a template.

Assessment criteria, according to FPSO regulation:

  • A scientific and logical argumentation style; Covering the topic completly and correctly
  • A structured scientific essay, referencing to resources completly and correctly, showing competence whille applying domain-specific terminology in English, maintaining the length constraint (word count).