MSNE Project Week (18-22 October, 2021)

The very first "MSNE Project Week" is a digital scientific event being curated by a group of seven MSNE students, for MSNE students and faculty members. This week is planned to be a combination of talks, workshops, discussions, lab tours and social events to encourage the onboarding of our new batch of MSNE students. One goal is to bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused and on a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration, and wonder. In addition, we aim to provoke conversations that matter in the field of Neuroengineering. On top of that, visiting and seeing the labs where actual research is happening will considerably contribute to our mission. This will also profoundly connect MSNE students with the topics of Neuroengineering.

MSNE students, MSNE faculty and CoC Neuroengineering already received an invitation and registration link by email.

Venue for most events is room N1135 at TUM Main Campus.
Some events during the project week will additionally be streamed online (*).
Some events during the project week will be online-only (**)

Tentative Agenda (as of October 11th 2021, still some event details "TBA")

  • Monday, October 18th
    09:00: Intro and Welcome (Organisers team) *
    09:10: Prof. Kristen Kozielski - Magnetoelectric nanomaterials for wireless neuronal modulation *
    10:15: Isabelle Hoxha: Anticipating under all circumstances: a story of neuroscience and mathematics *
    11:30: Joined Lunch Break at TUM Canteen
    13:00: Isabelle Hoxha: Combined analysis of brain and behavioral recordings (Hands-on Tutorial)
    End by ~ 17:00
    [17:00: Welcome@TUM by TUM President]
  • Tuesday, October 19th
    09:00: Marc Strotmann - Social and ethical concerns in Neuro-engineering *
    10:15: MSNE Study Handbook - Part II (Florian Rattei) ** (<- update: online only)
    11:30: Break / Free Time
    13:00: Dr. Yulia Sandamirskaya (Intel): Neuromorphic computing technology: from theory to applications 
    14:00: Francisco Zurita: Electronics Tutorial
    End by ~ 17:00
  • Wednesday, October 20th
    ~9:00: Lab Visit The Jacob Laboratory (at TUM Clinics, Prof. Simon Jacob) and PainLab Tour (Prof. Markus Ploner]
    11:30: Break / Free Time
    13:00: Scavenger Hunt (TUM Main Campus & Downtown Munich)
    End by ~ 17:00
  • Thursday, October 21st
    09:00: Presentation by Brainlab AG ** - Digital inhouse visit
    11:30: Break / Free Time
    13:00: Lab Visit Neuroelectronics (TUM Campus Garching, Prof. Bernhard Wolfrum) &
               Lab Visit Bio-Inspired Information Processing (TUM Campus Garching, Prof. Werner Hemmert)
    End by ~ 15:00
  • Friday, October 22nd
    09:00: Steffen Schneider - Adaptation & Robustness of Computer Vision Models *
    10:00: MSNE Panel Discussion (Topic TBA)
    11:30: Break / Free Time
    13:00: Dr. Kathrin Kugler (The MathWorks): [Case Studies and Experiment] Accelerating discovery, innovation, development, and learning in Neuroengineering with MATLAB® and Simulink®
    14:30: Steffen Schneider: Introduction to Machine Learning Engineering for Researchers (Hands-On Tutorial)
    End by ~ 17:30


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