Some informative videos on psychoacoustics and communication acoustics are now available on YouTube! [more]

"Science fairs like FORSCHA allow young people to immerse themselves directly in the exciting world of the natural sciences", said the Bavarian Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo, patron of FORSCHA at the... [more]

Congratulations to Dr. Gabriel Gomez for the publication of his PhD-thesis "Consolidating natural spatial perception and improved SNR in hearing aids: Jackrabbit, a new method". The work came about here at the... [more]

Die Professur Audio-Signalverarbeitung hat mit dem Bernstein Netzwerk für Computational Neuroscience einen Stand auf der Mitmachmesse FORSCHA im MOC und erklärt mithilfe des Demosystems am Freitag, den... [more]

The recently published article of Prof. Seeber in the magazine "Bernstein Feature" of the Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience reports about the possibility to hear defects in Wind turbine blades. ... [more]

Webreportage des BMBF zur Arbeit der Professur für Audio-Signalverarbeitung [more]

For a start-up company in acoustic virtual reality we are looking for a future Co-Founder as a full-time position as scientific assistant to start at the earliest convenient date. [more]

The annual AIP excursion takes us this time from 13th June to 14th June to Hamburg an! On the first day we are pleased to visit the acoustical lab of HAW Hamburg. On the second day we visit the Center of... [more]

Virtuelle akustische Welten erleben bei der Professur für Audio-Signalverarbeitung [more]

The AIP team contributed in several talks to the largest conference on acoustics in Europe, the conference of the German Acoustical Society, DAGA 2019 in Rostock. [more]