A new database with a range of common acoustic and psychoacoustic stimuli was published in the new data outlet of AIP on Zenodo. [more]

This discussion workshop introduces approaches for analyzing different aspects of body motion behavior – from head and eye movements to categorizing full body motion – and gives application examples in... [more]

Die DEGA hat einen neuen Preis für Kommunikationsräume etabliert, die sich durch hervorragende Raumakustik für die Sprachkommunikation auszeichnen, siehe... [more]

Beitrag zu Stille und Lärm aus dem reflexionsarmen Raum mit Prof. Seeber in der Sendung "Unkraut" im Bayerischen Fernsehen. [more]

Our new article by Andronic et al. at the SPECOM conference demonstrates that mp3 coding can help speech recognition systems to become more robust against targeted attacks by adversial noise, see ... [more]

A new comprehensive book chapter by Seeber and Clapp discusses novel theories on Auditory room learning and adaptation to sound reflections. [more]

Videos on psychoacoustics and communication acoustics by Prof. Seeber are now available on YouTube! [more]

"Science fairs like FORSCHA allow young people to immerse themselves directly in the exciting world of the natural sciences", said the Bavarian Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo, patron of FORSCHA at the... [more]

Congratulations to Dr. Gabriel Gomez for the publication of his PhD-thesis "Consolidating natural spatial perception and improved SNR in hearing aids: Jackrabbit, a new method". The work came about here at the... [more]