How loud is a bursting rubber ballon? This question will be answered by our staff together with Pro7 Galileo on Tuesday, 30.10.2012, 19:05. [more]

Prof. Seeber will speak about cochlear implants on BBC World Services. Monday, 24. September 2012, 8:30 pm CET. [more]

Prof. Seeber will give insight into his work and speak about new algorithms for cochlear implants in the program "Dimensionen" on radio Ö1. Friday, 21.9.2012, 7:05pm CET. [more]

Prof. Seeber will give a plenary talk titled "Improving hearing with cochlear implants in reverberant spaces" at this years BCCN conference. It is sheduled for Friday, 14.9.2012, 12:10. [more]