Advanced seminar on audio information processing

Assistant: Norbert Kolotzek, M.Sc. and the AIP team
Turnus: Winter and summer semester
Target Group: Wahlmodul zur fachlichen Ergänzung (Master EI)
Doctoral seminar
Schedule: 2 SWS
Exam: oral
Time & Place: Thursday, 09:45 - 11:15 hours, N6507
Dates: Start on 17.10.2019 (topic selection)


The seminar is targeted at advanced students, PhD candidates and post-docs in the field of audio-information processing. Scientific publications on current topics in audio-information processing are presented in a small group and discussed in depth ("journal club"). Each participant will present at last one publication (usually two) and lead the discussion. To prepare for the discussion each participant will read the material prior to each seminar meeting. The focus of the seminar is on understanding and discussing the content. Participants get to know current topics in audio-information processing, train the comprehension of English-language scientific publications and practice scientific discourse as well as leading a discussion.

Previous knowledge expected: Leture Psychoacoustics and Audiological Applications

Every student is responsible for proper registration for the exam in TUMOnline.


The registration for the seminar can be done via TUMOnline.