Seminar on audio information processing

Assistants: Dr. Ľuboš Hládek and the AIP team
Turnus: Summer semester
Target group: Wahlmodul Hauptseminar, Master EI, EI7764
Breadth: 2 SWS
Exam: Graded presentation, discussion contribution and written summary (homework)
Time & Location: Wednesday, 14:00 hours - 15:30 hours, N0116
Start: The seminar on audio information processing won't be offered in WS 19/20!


Changing subjects from current topics in audio information processing, e.g.  signal processing of music and speech, psychoacoustics, auditory models, room acoustics etc.
Students prepare a talk with slides on a selected topic, present it and practice answering questions similar to being at a conference. The aim of the seminar is not only to educate students in audio information processing, but particularly to teach presentations and literature search skills. Material is provided as a start for the literature search. Participants learn about current topics in audio information processing and practice reading scientific publications in the English language. Additionally, students compose a written report about the topic which is submitted for grading along with a commented version of the presentation slides.