Signal Processing for Audio Technology

Lecturers: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernhard U. Seeber
Practical course: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernhard U. Seeber, Dr. Ľuboš Hládek Norbert Kolotzek, M.Sc.
Semester: Summer semester
Target group: Elective course "zur fachlichen Vertiefung", Master EI,
Elective course, Master in Communication Engineering, MSCE,
Students and PhD candidates of the GSN and BCCN Munich.
The lecture is held in English.
Breadth: 2/0/4 (Lecture/Exercise course/Practical training)
Exam: oral and written (computer code)
Time & Location: Lecture (in English): Tuesday,  11.30 - 13.00 hours, N3815
Practical training:    Monday,    11:45 - 14:45 hours, -1947 (Eikon)
or Thursday,   13:15 - 16:15 hours, -1947 (Eikon)
Start Lecture starts on 23.04.2019; no lecture on 11.06.2019
Practical course thursdays from 25.04.2019, mondays from 29.04.2019;
no practical course on Monday, 10.06., Thursday, 30.05., 20.06.2019.


To attend this course, it is necessary to register separately for the lecture and for the lab course. Both registrations must be done via TUM-Online, but please register only for one of the lab sessions (Monday or Thursday)!