Student research projects

Topics for student research projects

We offer a variety of research projects (Bachelor- and Master's theses, Forschungspraxis, IDP) to students at the TUM. Topics are drawn from ongoing research and tailored to the interests of the student. Entry requirement is the successful completion of a course on (psycho-)acoustics or audio signal processing. Courses taken at other institutes are accepted. Can't wait to start? Please don't hesitate to meet us after one of our lectures or write us an email to 

For non-TUM students: Please note that we generally do not offer summer internships to external students. Due to the high work load associated with such applications please accept that we will not reply to your email.


Current projects:

Kirsch, Jonas Alexander Analysis of infants' spatial hearing ability using head tracking data MA
Kasbi, Mohamed Yasine Feature extraction and optimization from vibro-acoustic measurements for non destructive testing of a deep centrifugal pump BA
Nowak, Constantin Design of microphone array filtering for ambisonic playback FP
Englhardt, Julian Integration der Auditory Modelling Toolbox in eine akustische Simulation BA
Andronic, Iustina   FP
Noeller, Hendrik Improvement of a real-time simulated open field environment MA
Houyoux, Aimée Analysis and discrimination of body sounds of cows MA
Nachtigäller, Pascal   For.prax.
Robbiani, Jakob A real-time vocoder to demonstrate hearing with a cochlea-implant BA
Aublin, Pierre Binaural unmasking of moving sound sources in reverberant environments MA
Wang, Tong   For.prax.
Schäffner, Florian Sound field auralization for extended reproduction areas MA
Du, Xinchen Multimodal Fusion utilising Transformer Neural Networks for Speaker Topic Recognition on in-the-wild Video Data MA
Kirchmeier, Maximilian
Implementation of an interpolating tapped delay line for room acoustics auralization

Finished projects:

Klymenko, Tetiana Cross-subject training of ConvNet for Brain-Computer Interface For.prax.
Andronic, Iustina MP3 Compression as a Means to Improve Robustness against Adversarial Noise Targeting Attention-based MA
Shen, Bei Intelligent diagnostic methods for bearing faults in the electric powertrain system for autonomous vehicles MA
Zeidler, Oliver Automatische Erkennung von Zustandsänderungen einer Tiefkreiselpumpe anhand von akustischen Merkmalen BA
Enghofer, Felix Development and Implementation of a Framework for Creating  and Controlling Audio-Visual Scenes MA
Zormati, Badis High definition audio signal transmission over bluetooth BA
Landkammer, Mathias Development and measurement of new binaural microphones for measuring HRTFs BA
Pulilla, Paola Auralization of acoustic design in primary school classrooms MA
Faustmann, Jonas Studies on perceptually equalized panning BA
Eber, Stefan Automated Inplace Loudspeaker Testing in Pro Audio Systems MA
Dianyu, Yang   For.prax.
Zumegen, Frederik Fahrzeugbeurteilung aus Sicht der Akustik- und Schwingungsentwicklung Ing.prax.
Hortig, Philipp Design and Test of an Automated Microphone Grid Measurement System for the rtSOFE BA
Löcherer, Niklas Modeling Loudness Perception in Electrical Hearing with a Phenomenological Auditory Nerve Model MA
Henselmann, Alexander Concept development of a scalable car audio architecture MA
Nakhle, Elio Constant Stimuli Categorical Loudness Growth Measurement For.prax.
Hering, Max Equalization of Loudspeakers - Recursive Optimization of Phase and Frequency Response BA
Andronic, Iustina Modelling spatial perception in binaural electrical hearing For.prax.
Munteanu, Ana-Ilinca
Analysis of ICA effectiveness in removing EMG artifacts from LFP data
Enghofer, Felix
Analysis and development of an integratable parallel rendering concept for rtSOFE
Eber, Stefan
Investigation of a signal converter from analog / stream-based audio to network-based audio
Fabbro, Giorgio
Review and suggestions for optimizations of rtSOFE convolver code
Ravi, Akshaya
Design of equalization filter for non-linear distortion in the loudspeaker array with listener's movement
Danninger, Lukas
Development of a Media Player for a DVD Jukebox
Postolov, Marko
Virtual Car Environment
Kuntz, Matthieu
Microphone array decomposition for multi-channel reproduction
Nockenberg, Lars Entwicklung und Vermessung neuer binauraler Mikrofone zur Messung von HRTF
Seitz, Werner Emotion recognition using Machine Learning
Li, Sitian Optimization of pulse sequences for cochlear implants
Dietze, Anna The Effect of Reverberation on the Minimum Audible Movement Angle
Löcherer, Niklas Numerical validation of the auralization of moving sources
Göschl, Sebastian Approaches on reducing the noise emitted by a video projector
Knorr, Alisa System definition, analysis and integration of diagnostic measures and techniques for Class-D audio amplifiers in automotive audio applications
Benker, Colin The effect of external absorption materials on the directivity and reflectivity of loudspeakers
Martner, Christoph Entwicklung eines Messaufbaus zur Bewertung von Mikrofonen
Kröner, Lorenz Design and Implementation of a signal-processing algorithm for automated classification of small Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles based on acoustic features MA
Pusch, Fabian Psychoakustik von Dynamikkompression For.prax.
Rückerl, Andreas New audio-visual demonstrations for the SOFE in virtual and augmented reality
Meier, Michael On the effect of where on what
Schauer, Philipp Visual Renderer for SOFE: Blender implementation
Bose, Deboshree Modeling of late reverberation MA
Wuschek, Florian Modeling the response to amplitude modulated stimuli in the auditory nerve For.prax.
Bréchet, Pierre Neural networks for classification of audio features from tap-test recordings IDP
Bihler, Florian Sound recording and playback with a microphone array
Shalaby, Sonja Evaluation of modified onset enhancement algorithms
von Unold, Philipp Externalisation with Hearing Aids BA
Grabichler, Markus Collision detection in room acoustic simulation for arbitrary geometries
Lu, Beike Sprachverständlichkeit für neuartige Hörgerätealgorithmen
Kolotzek, Norbert Effect of head turning on localization in the horizontal plane with hearing aid satellites
Apfelböck, Johannes Entwicklung eines Positionssensors für ein Trainingssystem für Rotorblattinspekteure
Streicher, Benedikt Visual Rendering System for SOFE For.prax.
Scheiner, Nicolas Development of an eye-controlled beamformer
Mudra, Martin Entwicklung einer echtzeitfähigen Analysesoftware für räumliche Schallfelder aufgenommen mit einem Kugelmikrofon
Schnell, Benedikt Investigation on Loudspeaker Equalization using Maximum-Length Sequences
Vasile, Teodor Evaluierungsplattform für einer Audioeingangsstufe für digitale Filmkameras
Merchán Morales, Almudena Development of spatial audio demonstrations for the SOFE
Müller, Matthias Heißgassonde
Fährmann, Julian Realzeit-Rendering von Raumimpulsantworten
Shalaby, Sonja Evaluating the benefits of onset enhancements algorithm towards speech understanding in the presence of a single interferer
Pods, Sebastian Real-time convolution of multi-channel impulse responses
Bihler, Florian Abbildung von elevierten Quellen über horizontale Lautsprecher
Höning, Valerie Assessment of spatial perception of sounds in virtual acoustics using hearing aid satellites
Korthals, Dominik Entwicklung eines virtuellen Klopftests
Kolotzek, Norbert Klangqualität und räumliche Abbildung mit Hörgeräten
Swedjemark, Daniel Optimization of pulse sequences for cochlear implants
Eiblmeier, Nikolaus
Entwicklung einer Bewertungsmethode für die räumliche Abbildungsqualität von Audiosignalen im Fahrzeug
Welsch, Maximilian Bau eines rauscharmen Kopfhörerverstärkers MA
Kolb, Christoph
Aktive Geräuschgestaltung mit akustischen Kopfstützen
Plutka, Tobias
Psychoacoustic Experiments on Localization Accuracy
Gebhardt, Roman
Automatic adjustment of music material for consonance
Steger, Korbinian Investigations of monaural and binaural coloration BA
Kamkar, Farid Learning Temporal Structures in Room Impulse Responses MA
Martner, Christoph Messung von Außenohrübertragungsfunktionen BA
Schädler, Sebastian Transient Modeling Synthesis: Eine Anwendung auf Signale aus Klopfversuchen MA
Schlappak, Steffen Extension of Zwicker's Loudness Model for Binaural Analysis
Pfreundtner, Felix Reverberation prediction for rooms with a non-diffuse sound field
Conrady, Simon
Setup and Validation of a Haptic Pointer for Sound Localization Experiments
Bernhard, Julian
Accurate interpolation of head-related transfer-functions
Apfelböck, Johannes
Development of a constant current supply module for measurement microphones
Quijada Gomariz, Adrián
Acoustics Simulation using Graphics Hardware based on the Image Source Model
Kröner, Lorenz Doppler Estimation for Underwater Acoustic Communications BA
Pusch, Fabian
Simulation of Sound Radiation of Array Loudspeakers
Kundiger, Thomas
Implementation of the Image source method by using homogeneous coordinate transformations
Lang, Andreas
Implementation of Zwicker's loudness procedure on a real-time measurement device
Müller-Boruttau, Jonathan
Analysis of the availability of fine structure ITD cues introduced at varying position within the on-/offset
Browne, James
Optimized Signal Processing of Spatial Acoustical Objects for Cochlear Implants
Kolotzek, Norbert
Entwicklung von Demonstrationen von psychoakustischen Effekten für die Öffentlichkeit
Fink, Claudius Vergleich und Entwicklung von Verfahren zur Sekundärstreckenadaption bei Active Noise Control (ANC) MA
Chintala Cheruvu, V. R. Development of assessment stategies for improved coding of binaural cues with MED-EL cochlear implants MA
Popa, Vlad Implementation and Testing of a Beat-Detection Algorithm for iOS Devices IDP
Wu, Wei Realisierung, Optimierung und Evaluierung von Algorithmen zur Störgeräuschbefreiung auf einem iPhone For.prax.
Apfelböck, Johannes Messung und Kalibrierung von Kopfhörerübertragungsfunktionen und des Kopfhörerverstärkers For.prax.
Bollmann, Gudrun Fine structure coding for cochlear implants For.prax.
Dang, Quy Lam Realzeit-Demonstrationssystem Erweiterung For.prax.
Geuder, Walter Entwicklung eines Realzeit-Demonstrationssystems für das Hören tauber Personen mit Cochlea Implantaten For.prax.
Bernhard, Julian Aufbau und Inbetriebnahme eines mehrkanaligen Audio-Wiedergabesystems & Messungen an Hörkabinen For.prax.
Bachinger, Timotheus Improving sound localization by enhancing onsets For.prax