Course Evaluation in Summer Semester 2020

In summer semester 2020, the use of the regular instruments for evaluation is suspended. For this reason, lecturers at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering can decide whether an evaluation of their courses will be carried out this semester.

The course evaluation in summer semester 2020 will take place as a pure online evaluation via EvaSys (Education Survey Automation Suite). The evaluation period is: 8-19 June 2020 (8-9th week of lectures).

Students will receive the TAN required for the evaluation from their lecturers. A questionnaire specially designed for this semester also covers the special features of digital teaching and learning formats. The results of the course evaluation will be discussed with students during the current semester. 

As the use of the regular evaluation instruments is suspended, no course evaluation results will be published in summer semester 2020. Students who are interested in the results of individual surveys can contact their course lecturers directly.

Course Evaluation – Background Information

Why are Course Evaluations so important?

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is committed to continually improving teaching quality. For lecturers, course evaluations give objective feedback on levels of student satisfaction. Students’ written comments may help flag up problem areas. While positive feedback gives the lecturer confirmation that their teaching concept helps students in improving their skills.

Is data protection respected? Is anonymity guaranteed?

Yes. In the EvaSys system used by the manufacturer Electric Paper, it is not possible to assign TANs to a specific evaluation. It is not possible to trace which evaluation was given by whom.