► Our office is closed until further notice!

In the past few days, the new corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) has spread further in Germany. Due to this present situation is our office closed until further notice!
We're working from home. For any inquiries, please contact us per email.

For this reason specific measures at TUM are in place that also affect the events and services offered by the TUM Graduate School.
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Doctorate at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (EI) is currently leading the doctoral education of more than 700 doctoral candidates. The scientific supervision is organized at our chairs and professorships. The department itself is coordinating all doctoral candidates by organizing the process of admission, the mandatory doctoral qualification program and finally the submission of dissertation.

The website of TUM Graduate school is the best entry point for applicatants, doctoral candiates and supervisors. Have a look on this pages first and read them carefully. The TUM regulations for the award of a doctoral degree as well as the Bylaws of TUM Graduate School are the general and binding legal framework for all doctoral cadidates at TUM.

The website of the Department EI is adding complementary, department-specific hands-on information to all phases of a doctoral project:

Admission: Application for the acceptance as doctoral candidate
Graduate Center FGZ-EI: Qualification ans Support Program, Consultory Service 
Submission: Initiation of Examination Process