CoC Project Funding

Within 2016, the FGZ-EI has supported round about 150 Doctoral Candidates in several CoC related projects with an overall duration of 11.5 project days. The funding objective is to facilitate interaction of doctoral candidates coming from different groups or faculties. The format is focusing on active participation in workshops or retreats, preferably with several days' duration. Excluded from this FGZ-EI funding scheme are event formats centered on participants of the same group or institution (“Lehr- und Forschungseinheit”) as well as regular invited guest presentations. Proposals may also be issued directly by doctoral candidates.

Funded Projects

  • CoC Workshop on 5G Mobile Technology (CoC COM, 3/2016)
  • Hands-On Neuro-Computing Workshops / Symposiums (CoC Neuro, 9/2016)
  • International Symposium on Networked Cyber-Physical Systems (CoC CPS, 9/2016)
  • Embedded and CPS – Open Day (CoC CPS, 11/2016)
  • ECS Student Chapter München Symposium (FGZ-Chemie / FGZ-EI, 11/2016)
  • Workshop on Information and Communication Theory in Control Systems (CoC COM, CoC Robotics, 5/2017)
  • CoC Neuroengineering Networking Workshop (4/2018)
  • TUM/University of Queensland Joint Workshop on Hot CPS and Cool IoT (CoC CPS,4/2018)

Application Process

Informal application (Email) at least 4 weeks in advance, providing:

  • Abstract of the event / project
  • Tentative program
  • Budget (max. 4.500 € per project)
  • Letter(s) of Endorsement by CoC Spokesman
  • Tentative registration list (including affiliations)