Doctoral Candidate Representatives at FGZ-EI

Once every year and among all doctoral candidates at FGZ-EI, two doctoral candidate representatives are elected. They stand in for the interests of FGZ-EI doctoral candidates with the TUM Graduate Council. Furthermore, they are full members of the FGZ-EI steering board ("Vorstand FGZ-EI"). They also organize and support events like FGZ-EI Meet and Greet each semester and also co-organize TUMBlue. Term of office is 1 year (August 1st till July 31st), reelection is possible.

You may approach the Representatives direcly wiith your questions or concerns.

First Representative:
Mr. Sebastian Straßer - Tel: +49-89-289-28589

Sencond Representative:
Ms. Xinyue Li - Tel: +49-89-289-28445