Proofreading Service

General information on the proofreading service is provided by TUM-GS. Please read this page first. You apply for the proofreading service by sending an email to including:

Please note that there is some processing time in case of tight publication deadlines:

  • FGZ-EI requires some time to process the application and to place a order at 3rd-party service providers. Kindly call us well in advance in case you have to match tight deadlines.
  • The service providers themselve also need some time (in most cases <= 1 week)

Additional remarks:

  • FGZ-EI supports applications for documents up to 20.000 words
  • All FGZ-EI preliminary or full members may use this service free of charge
  • To the best of our knowledge, there are no special offers for doctoral candiates approaching the service providers directly and on their own cost for additional (3rd, 4th,.. publication) proofreading services.