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We do not accept internships of undergraduate students any more !!

Due to very bad experiences in 2015 we do not accept internships from undergraduate students any more.

We have been happy to provide possibilities for undergraduate students in the past even when the benefit for our institute in doing that was always marginal if any. Of course, we did not pay the students for coming to us, but we offered to them possibilities to learn practical work.

In 2015 the students selected expected from us extensive administrative effort in filling out dozens of forms. Amongst others, they expected us to describe a research project they would work in. With respect to the very low educational level of the candidates, however, it is just not possible to assign them to a research project. We can help them to learn practical engineering work, but their skills are not sufficient to be assigned to a specific research project.

Normally we accepted a limited number of internship students every year, however, we do not have the time and resources to write out many forms or paper work – a single invitation letter must be sufficient. We are a Research Institute and we do not have the staff to satisfy exhaustive administrative requirements. We do not need any forms ourselves. It cannot be our own responsibility to fill out hundreds of forms. The effort in writing lots of emails to each candidate in 2015 initiated our decision not to take part in that program any more.

Prof. Ralph Kennel