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a cordial welcome on the website of the Institute for Electrical Drive Systems and Power Electronics at Technische Universität München (TUM). We appreciate your visit.

During the last years,  „Energy“ has become more and more important to society. Considering energy as available without limitation, researchers concentrated on transmission and processing of data and information. Meanwhile the majority, however, has become aware that any processing of information will effectively result in mechanical motion – someone has to  “transform” the results of data processing to some useful effect(s) (otherwise the processing of information is useless) – as the age of human workforce is going to diminish (manpower is just too expensive), the importance of (electrical) drives and power electronics is significantly increasing. Our institute contributes to this emerging field of interest.

More than half of the electrical energy provided is used to produce mechanical motion – by electrical drives. Unfortunately, most of these drives are based on old technology and dissipate 25 % to 40 % of the supplied energy which could be saved by modern electrical drive systems and power electronics – this would be more than enough to save the carbon dioxide emissions required by the original Kyoto Protocol. This shows the importance and significance of our institute’s research areas.

At the moment, we are mainly active in (but not restricted to) the following research areas:

  • Encoderless control of electrical drives
  • Modern control strategies for electrical drives
  • „Hardware-in-the-Loop“ systems
  • Renewable energy systems (focus on photovoltaics, wind energy & efficiency)

We are highly interested in cooperating with business partners worldwide – we design, optimize and and test new drive solutions and power electronics in close cooperation with our industrial and academic partners. The knowledge gained from the practical realizations of our concepts and solutions are integrated in the application oriented education of our students to ensure the knowledge level of next generations‘ engineers.

Our institute is closely linked with neighbor institutes at TUM such as EWT (Electrical Energy Conversion) and is a member of ALM symposium – this is an informal coalition of all institutes for Electrical Drives, Power Electronics and Electrical Machines in Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland (ALM is an abbreviation of the German words Antriebstechnik, Leistungselektronik und elektrische Maschinen).

Please find more detailed information about our institute via the links on this website.

Prof. Ralph M. Kennel and the EAL team