Dear Students,

for the summer semester of 2020, it is our goal to provide almost all teaching from the Chair of Electronic Design Automation despite the current restrictions. Our current planning assumes that we will be able to offer all courses, with one exception, regardless of whether physical presence at TUM will be possible or not. Should physical presence at TUM not be possible, the courses will of course be offered in a different manner than usual, but that should not affect their contents.

The one exception is the „VLSI Design Lab“ – we will only be able to offer this lab if students are permitted to be physically present at TUM. Should physical presence not be possible when lectures start on April 20, but become possible again later during the lecture period, then we will still try to offer this lab. But at the moment we cannot guarantee that it will be offered.

Please regularly check for updates regarding the summer semester here: and possibly on the Department website: regarding up-to-date information about teaching at TUM during the summer semester 2020.


Please stay safe!


The team of TUM’s chair for Electronic Design Automation