Offered Theses

TLM Transactor for AXI-based RTL-ModelsJ. GeierHigh-Level Modeling
Various Topics with our Open-Source Simulator ETISS (C++)R. Stahl
Data Base Integration for an Instruction Set SimulatorY. Moradi
Dynamic Droplet Barcoding Using A Fully Programmable Valve Array for Single-Cell AnalysisY. Moradi
Topics on Flow-Based Microfluidic Biochips for Single-Cell Analysis (C++ or Python)Y. Moradi

Just contact a research assistant, if you are interested in a topic not listed here.

Assigned Theses

SystemC Modeling of Pulpino SoC PeripheralsD. Müller-G.reserved
Temperature Emulation on Tile-Based SystemsM. MettlerTingwen Yang
Power Modelling of an MPSoC using PrimeTimeM. MettlerNing Lu
Adding Operators for Machine Learning on MicrocontrollersR. StahlOussama Sayari
Continuous Integration for an Instruction Set SimulatorR. StahlChun Yu Lok
Evaluating an Instruction Set Simulator with RISC-V Instruction TestsR. StahlVan Hien Nguyen
Development of an online schema design tool for microfluidic large-scale integrationT.-M. TsengXin Wen
Router Port Assignement for Wavelength-Routed Optical Network-on-ChipT.-M. TsengXinyu Zhang