Offered Theses

Advanced Code Coverage Analysis for Embedded Software DevelopementY. MoradiHigh-Level Modeling
Analog/Mixed-Signal Layout DesignH. Gräb
Extending a SystemC/TLM2.0 Virtual Prototype Framework with Tracing CapabilitiesJ. Geier
Implementing TinyMLPerf benchmarks for the design space exploration of novel deployment techniquesR. Stahl
RISC-V Pooling Plug-In for Neural NetworksR. Stahl

Just contact a research assistant, if you are interested in a topic not listed here.

Assigned Theses

Parallelisierung eines Synthesealgorithmus für analoge SchaltungenI. AbelClara Kowalsky
TLM Transactor for AXI-based RTL-ModelsJ. GeierSeif Werghi
SystemC Modeling of Pulpino SoC PeripheralsD. Müller-G.reserved
Development of an Interactive Tool for Discrete MathematicsM. MettlerShengxi Yuan
Development of an online schema design tool for microfluidic large-scale integrationT.-M. TsengXin Wen
Development of an STL Library for 3D-Printing DesignY. ZhangJia Wen Phoon