Institute for Electrical Energy Storage Technology - EES

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Jossen

The institute deals with electrical energy storages, mainly with rechargeable batteries. Along with lithium ion batteries, also classical systems such as lead batteries and alkaline cells play an important part. Furthermore, researches are conducted into future systems, for example: metal-air, redox flow and high-temperature batteries.

  • Prototyping of solitary cells (thermal-electrical)
  • Prototyping of batterie systems
  • Prototyping of interconnected batteries including statistical observation
  • Researching and prototyping durability of batteries
  • Battery management through electrical metrology and interfacing for integrational purpose
  • Thermal battery management
  • Safety management for large batteries
  • Developing methods defining battery conditions and charging levels
  • New charging methods and fast-charging processes
  • Optimising for industrial strategies to lower costs, long-lasting durability and high efficiency

The department works closely with other departments at the TUM, for instance ‚Technical Electro-Chemistry‘, ‚Physics‘ and ‚Automotive Engineering‘.

Further information about our research subjects can be found in the Research tab.



Five-year anniversary of the Chair of Electrical Energy Storage Technology

Due to its five-year anniversary, the chair has published a brochure which gives an overview on its research activities, projects and offered courses. It can be downloaded here.