IT Services

Information for students and staff of the ECE department

IT Services at TUM

IT Services of the ECE Department

  • EIKON computer pool: Workstation computer for students
  • Locking system for the EIKON-rooms and further classrooms (registration of the StudentCard, Managementinterface)
  • Certificates for signing and encoding emails, server certificates
  • TUManager: Management platform (audit processing, dissertation circulation, library management), more information: TUManager Wiki
  • NetApp storage as NFS server
  • Linuxdeploy: System for the Linux Client Management
  • Operation of central server rooms
  • Server virtualization for central systems

IT Service of the ECE Department

The IT service of the ECE department provides IT support for students and staff and is responsible for some professorships without IT staff.

Contact: it(at)

Visit IT-Service Wiki for more information (access restricted to students and staff of the ECE department)
EI Admin Wiki (access restricted to ECE system administrators)

Information Officer

The Information Officer (IO) coordinates the employment of information technology at the Department. He or she advises the chairs and professorships on the development of an efficient IT structure. The campus-wide IT coordination takes place in the CIO/IO committee, in which the IO represents the Department. He or she engages actively in developing and providing new central services.


IT Consulting

  • IT strategy for chairs and professorships
  • procurement, request for webshop accounts (Dell and Apple/Cancom)
  • use of central services (Exchange, Storage, Backup, Web Hosting, Active Directory,  ...)
  • support for TUMonline officers (user management, basic data, roles and rights, teaching surveys, resources management)
  • websites for working teams and projects
  • authorization of domain names
  • authorization of ADS identifications for partial admins
  • data privacy and safety
  • coordination and handling of CIP/WAP grant applications