Career and Practical Experience

EI graduates are in demand

Electrical engineers currently enjoy good opportunities on the employment market. There is a pressing need for people with this skill set in research, development, production, marketing and sales.

Practical focus

It’s very important, particularly in the early semesters of the bachelor’s program, to lay the theoretical foundations for further study. If, however, you don’t want to do without the practical elements right from the start, you can make contacts in the first semester tutorial adveisor and bring your first practical project to life. In past years, students have developed and realized self-driving segways and created robots capable of solving a Rubik’s Cube in a few seconds from any position. From the very first semester, students can work hands-on in student projects of the department, such as

or cross-departmental projects like

Engineering practice

Engineering practice is a fixed component of the bachelor’s program. It forms part of the Bachelor of Science in Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik content that equips you for your later profession and enables you to apply the knowledge gained in your studies in a practical setting. Engineering practice lasts 9 weeks full time. It corresponds to 12 ETCS. The engineering practice aims to give students insight into what an engineer does and the range of tasks the job involves.

Partner companies

The TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering boasts numerous industry partners that gladly and frequently take on TUM students as interns. In many cases, professors or Faculty staff have worked at one of these companies themselves and have good contacts there. Some of our partner companies also invite TUM students to work on their bachelor’s or master’s thesis in-house.

Employees of the partner companies keep in touch with the TUM and regularly make themselves available to speak at seminars or hold presentations.

Career Opportunities

Career openings at TUM (theses, internships, and jobs):

TUM job and internship exchange:

Career Service and Counseling

TUM's central Career Service offers online CV checks, comprehensive career counseling, the TUM application guidebook, and many webinars and workshops on various career topics.

TUM Mentoring Programs are open to students and doctoral candidates.

UnternehmerTUM, Europe's largest center for start-ups and innovation, offers TUM students and researchers support in founding their start-up. UnternehmerTUM also offers the Manage and More scholarship, an 18-month program focusing on entrepreneurship through hands-on projects, workshops, and coaching.