Erasmus+ gives you the opportunity to spend three to twelve months studying at academic department level at one of a series of selected European partner universities in the Erasmus+ network. While there, you will get to become acquainted with technical, linguistic and cultural aspects of your partner university. The Erasmus+ program provides support in the form of a partial grant to cover the additional expenses arising from your stay abroad, and exempts you from paying foreign tuition fees. Your partner university will also provide administrative help in your search for accommodation and dealings with the authorities.


Please note: The Erasmus+ online application form in MoveON is only available in English since last year. It is therefore very important that you apply via the current link to the MoveON portal on the Erasmus+ website. You should not use previously saved links and should not search for the form via Google or similar. Only applications submitted via the current link will be visible in MoveON later.

General requirements for participation in the Erasmus+ (study-mobility) programme:

  • Regular enrolment at TUM
  • Successful completion of at least the first year of study
  • A period of study at a partner university which has an Erasmus+ cooperation agreement with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Sufficient knowledge of English and/or the language of the country concerned

Please only apply for a remaining place in summer term 2023 via the Online Application Portal (application). Please use the form Application for Erasmus+ SMS, Switzerland, Double Degree and Departmental Program 2022/23. For registration use only your TUM e-mail address. Then print the form, sign it and hand it in the letterbox of room N2147 or send it by postmail to: TU München, Fakultät Elektro- und Informationstechnik, Heike Roth, Arcisstrasse 21, 80333 München

List of Remaining Places Summer Term 2023

Application period: April 15, 2022 - June 30, 2022

Please note that only complete applications can be accepted.

The following documents should be uploaded:

  • Online-Application - please choose:
    • "Outgoing - Erasmus SMS, Switzerland and Double Degree 2022/23"
  • Curriculum vita in German or English
  • Letter of motivation in German or English for the university of your first choice
  • Evidence of academic achievements
  • Language certificate in English and/or the language of tuition. The confirmation of participating in a course at the TUM Language Center, in a private language course, the DAAD certificate from the TUM Language Center and also your Abitur / A-level results are accepted. No TOEFL or IELTS certificates are needed!
  • Study Plan (i.e. a non-binding list of subjects you would like to study abroad and is only necessary for the university of your first choice)

Make sure that you only apply for partner universities from the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering from the list above.

Save the login details created during the application process! You will need them again at a later point of time.

Selection Criteria / Timeframes

The selection criteria are:

  • Successful progress during the course of study
  • Grade point average
  • Language skills
  • Personal qualifications - flair, openness and above all self reliance. It is expected that you are able to complete the necessary organisational steps at the TUM (keyword: "application documents") and at the guest institution independently.
  • Intercultural competence Good grades are an advantage (and essential for universities like the EC Paris, ETH Zürich, University College London). Nevertheless the criteria above matter first and foremost.

Once you have submitted your application documents and have printed out, signed and handed in the application form, a decision will be made according to the criteria stated above. You will be notified via e-mail about the decision (at the latest by the end of February). You will also be registered at both the partner university and the TUM Global & Alumni Office. You will then receive an e-mail from the TUM Global & Alumni Office in May or June containing information regarding all formalities before/during/after your stay abroad, together with forms you will need to obtain your Erasmus+ grant.

Leave of absence/Tuition fees

For the period of time you are studying abroad, you can request leave of absence from the enrollment office. This will not be granted automatically! During your leave of absence you will still have to pay student union fees and make the basic contribution for the semester ticket (€ 144,40).


The Erasmus+ scholarship currently amounts to approximately € 400 per month depending on the country concerned. You will be exempt from paying fees to the partner university. Language courses can be subsidized. Students from non-EU countries and those who spend their Erasmus+ stay in Turkey can receive a subsidy for visa fees. In addition, there are special grants for students with children and those with a handicap.

When carrying out a study visit via Erasmus+ (SMS), passing at least two semester-long courses at the host university continues to be one of the requirements for receiving the Erasmus+ grant.


Intercultural training course "Fit for the Exchange" As preparation for your stay abroad the TUM Language Center is offering different intercultural communication courses.

Please hand in your application documents to the letterbox of room N2147 or send them to:

TU München
Fakultät Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Frau Heike Roth
80333 München


The selection of candidates and the conclusion of Erasmus+ partnership agreements will take place at academic department level. Consequently, the application process may vary from one academic department to another. The above procedure is valid for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

Partner universities

Under the Erasmus+ program, the TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has signed cooperation agreements with the following universities:

List of Remaining Places SS 2023

List of Partner Universities

Overview Partner Universities (EI)

You will find further information about the Erasmus- Program here.