Registration and Admission

Applicants first have to identify a doctoral project, a supervisor who has agreed to support the project as well as a solid funding for a phase of typically 3-5 years (= step 1 to 3 of TUM-GS Applicant Guidelines). Each of this three steps is challenging. Your requests stay in competition with many other graduates interested in pursueing a doctorate at our Department. The websites of our Department provide a first orientation on research topics and people. Hence, TUM-GS as well as FGZ-EI do not organize this initial match-making process. 

Once you have successfully managed steps 1 - 3, FGZ-EI will support you at all subsequent administrative steps of your doctoral project. This starts with your application for the acceptance as doctoral candiate (i.e. registration for the doctoral candidates list) as well as your your application for a TUM Graduate School Membership by providing the supervision agreement of a TUM Graduate Center.

Choose a Graduate Center

Most doctoral candidates at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (your "degree-awarding institution") choose the Faculty Graduate Center FGZ-EI. Hence, it's up to you to decide which center fits best to your doctoral project. Your individual source of funding might limit this freedom of choice, e.g. in case your doctoral project is directly funded by a thematic graduate center (e.g. IGSEE). Especially in case of interdisciplinary research projects, your might decide for other Departmental or Thematic Graduate Centers. The TUM-GS website provides you with an overview and direct links.

Specifics at EI and FGZ-EI

In addition to the general TUM-GS rules, the Department EI and FGZ-EI implement some variational regulations and processes:

  • Also when you did your Master's at TUM, you have to add a certified copy of your diploma and your certificate (not required: TUM Transcript of Records) to the application documents.The only exemption from this rule is in case of a Master's Degree directly awarded by our Department (e.g. MSEI, MSCE, MSPE, MSNE). In this case, it is sufficient to show the original documents at our counter when submitting the application.
  • In case of foreign degrees, we recommend to add certified copies of your Bachelor's Degree as well, as it is speeding-up the recognition process in some cases.
  • In order to register a Doctoral Projects in joint supervision with a University of Applied Sciences (-> Fachhochschule, Kooperative Promotion, Verbundpromotion), you have to add a detailled collaboration agreement to the set of application forms. Please contact FGZ-EI for additional information.