Teaser and Posters

CoC COM Overview and intention/possible collaboration targets (Kellerer)

  • Holger Boche - Theoretical Information Technology
    New Secure and Robust Protocols for 5G (Teaser | Poster)

  • Georg Carle - Network Architectures and Services, IN
    MoonGen Performance Experiments (Teaser | Poster)

  • Samarjit Chakraborty - Real-Time Computer Systems
    Understanding Slotless Neighbor Discovery (Teaser)

  • Klaus Diepold - Data Processing
    Machine learning based quality prediction for laser welding (Teaser | Poster)

  • Thomas Eibert - High-Frequency Engineering
    mm-Wave Antennas and Advanced Antenna Measurement Techniques (Teaser | Poster)

  • Christoph Günther - Communication and Navigation & DLR
    Competence in Navigation - jointly with DLR (Teaser)

  • Norbert Hanik - Line Transmission Technology
    Optical Communication Systems: Breaking Capacity Limits (Teaser | Poster)

  • Andreas Herkersdorf - Integrated Systems
    Dynamic Load Management for Resource Efficient Deployment of Virtualized Network Functions (Teaser | Poster)

  • Wolfgang Kellerer - Communication Networks
    Flexible Application-to-Cloud Softwarized 5G Networks (Teaser | Poster)

  • Gerhard Kramer - Communications Engineering
    Coding and Modulation for Industrial Applications (Teaser | Poster)

  • Jörg Ott - Connected Mobility, IN
    iConfig: What I See is What I Configure (Teaser)

  • Gerhard Rigoll - Human-Machine Communication
    Data-driven utilization of Multimedia Content (Teaser | Poster)

  • Bernhard Seeber - Audio Information Processing
    Demonstration of psychoacoustic phenomena and communication with hearing aids and cochlea implants (Teaser | Poster)

  • Georg Sigl - Security in Information Technology and Fraunhofer AISEC
    Sichere Vernetzte Systeme – jointly with AISEC (Teaser)

  • Eckehard Steinbach - Media Technology
    Ultra-Low Delay Video Communication (Teaser)

  • Wolfgang Utschick - Signal Processing Methods
    Signal Processing for Wireline/-less Communications (Teaser | Poster)

  • Antonia Wachter-Zeh - Coding for Communications and Data Storage
    Coding for Stuck Flash Memory Cells (Teaser | Poster)