"What do I need to know about Intellectual Property, Copyright, Public License etc.?"

This Doctoral Candidates Seminar will take place on

            Friday, February 26, 2021  16:00-17:00 h.

We meet virtually in my Zoom meeting room


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Meeting-ID: 669 8328 6863

Passcode: CoC_COM

The seminar will address the following question:

            What do I need to know about Intellectual Property, Copyright, Public License etc. ?   

Prof. Wolfgang Utschick and Prof. Klaus Diepold will share their thoughts on this topic and to answer the questions coming from the participating doctoral candidates. 

If you plan to attend - please bring a friend and spread the word (even beyond CoC COM). 

If you know already a question that you are eager to be discussed join the Rocket Chat #coc-com-docase.