In Case of Emergency

Emergency Numbers

  • Fire and rescue service: 112
  • Poison control center: 089-19240
  • Police: 110

Please respond briefly to the following questions during the emergency call:

  • WHERE ist the emergency/accident?
  • WHAT happened?
  • HOW MANY casualities/affected persons are to be provided for?
  • WHICH injuries or clinical signs do the affected persons have?
  • WAIT for further queries of the call center!

First Responders at the Department

Building N1

  • Benita Paraschoudis
    Phone +
    Room: N2149
  • Martina Spreng
    Phone. +49.289.28356
    Room: N1137

Occupational Health and Safety & Radiation Protection

The university department 6 of safety and radiation protection serves as an advisory instrument for superiors and employees with regard to questions of occupational health and safety as well as radiation protection. Department 6 works in close cooperation with the respective staff councils and company doctors. Together, they implement measures that provide for humane conditions at work.

For further information on the topic of occupational health and safety as well as radiation protection visit the homepage of the university department 6 of safety and radiation protection at the TUM.

Company Doctors

The company doctors are your direct contact persons in all matters concerning health protection at work:

Consultation hours are on Mondays 8-12 a.m. (examinations or contacts by prior appointment), on Mondays 12 a.m.-2 p.m. (open consultation without prior appointment for small concerns, questions, booster vaccinations or blood samplings for controls of vaccination) and on Wednesdays 8-12 a.m. (examinations).

For further information click here.

Workplace Accidents

The Landesunfallkasse Bayern (LUK) needs to be informed as soon as possible about workplace accidents in order to consider the payment of benefits. Therefore, please report accidents that happen within the university’s area of responsibility (incl. way there and way back) immediately.

For further information: