The Bachelor program provides you with a solid basis of crucial fundamentals in electrical engineering, mathematics, physics, signals and systems, and information technology, widened by options for individual specialization. It addresses the need of highly qualified engineers in the German economy and reflects the topics of electrical engineering in its entirety. It qualifies you to choose within a broad range of work fields. The Bachelor program requires a qualification for university entrance. Interest in mathematics, natural sciences and technical systems is a must. Students with international background are explicitly welcome and currently represent approximately 40% of the enrolled bachelor students.

The Bachelor program is divided into two study phases. In the first four semesters, you focus mainly on fundamentals while in the third year of studies you build on the gained knowledge and focus on an individual specialization in addition to soft skills and engineering practice. The practical experience enables you to transition into work force after graduation.

Semester 1-4 Credits
Electrical Engineering 21
Mathematics 32
Physics 24
Signals and Systems 26
Computer Engineering 17
Semester 5-6
Engineering Practice 12
Soft Skills 6
Elective Modules 30
Bachelor's Thesis 12

The elective modules present you with numerous opportunities to deepen your knowledge in a field of interest, e.g. electromobility, medical devices, life science electronics, aerospace and aviation engineering, regenerative energies, intelligent power grids, microelectronics and nanoelectronics, communication technology, computer technology, media technology, human machine interaction, robotics, mechatronics, industry 4.0.

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The application period is open between 15th May and 15th July each year. The application process consists of an online application. Certain documents need to be handed in as originals and/or certified copies for enrolment. Please note specifically the requirements for the proof of German language proficience and the preliminary documentation (known as "Vorprüfungsdokumentation", VPD) by uni-assist. A detailled description of the process can be found on TUM's main page.

Transferring from another University to TUM

In principle a transfer from another University to TUM is a standard application. After matriculation you can apply for a transfer of credits. This transfer is learning outcome based and it will be decided for every individual module, if it is possible to transfer, or not. So it is likely that not all of your credits can be transferred and you need to retake a significant number of credits. This defines the semester you are assigned to and consequently the duration you would need to study at TUM.

Applications for transfer are accepted between 15th May and 15th July for the winter term and between 15th November and 15th January for the summer term.

TUM Asia as a TUM subsidiary provides undergraduates programs at TUM's Singapore Campus in cooperation with the Singapore Institue of Technology (SIT)

In case you do not have a proof of German proficiency, but are proficient in English, the Bachelor Electrical Engineering and Information Technology might be interesting for you. The program is a joint degree between the two Universities.

Please find more information on the program at TUM Asia's pages.