New Building for Electrical and Computer Engineering in Garching

The TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will move from its main campus in Munich to the Garching research campus within the next few years. To this end, a new building complex for electrical and computer engineering is being constructed there, of which the first construction phase has now been completed. The new building is dedicated to electronics research as well as special fields of quantum engineering and electrical energy conversion.

The first chairs and professorships have been using their premises at the new location since January 2022:

In addition, the Central Electronics and IT Lab (ZEITlab) with research laboratories in clean room quality and further experimental laboratories is located in the new building for electrical and computer engineering as well as the Associate Professorship of Energy Conversion Technology (Prof. Herzog) of the TUM School of Engineering and Design

We invite you to a virtual tour of the new electrical and computer engineering building:

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"The new building will finally allow the department to expand in terms of space," says Dean Wolfgang Utschick. "Research and teaching will both benefit enormously from the new possibilities in Garching." In the beginning of 2022, 10 of the current 43 professorships and chairs have moved into the new building. In any case, the Department would like to avoid being fragmented across different locations for a long period. It is of particular importance for the further development of the department that it can move to Garching as quickly as possible and, above all, completely. “The first phase of construction must be followed promptly by the rest of the new building. Hopefully, funding for the rest of the new building will be made available as soon as possible," says Dr. Max Mornau, the department`s managing director. The cost of the total new building is estimated at 520 million euros. Funding has not yet been secured.

Consequences of the Move to Garching on Teaching

Even after the first construction phase, most of the department's courses will be held at the Munich campus. Only some elective courses, which are offered by the relocated lecturers, will take place in Garching after completion of the first construction phase. In particular, the mandatory courses of the Bachelor's program will remain in the city center for the time being.

Mandatory as well as elective courses will only be relocated to the campus in Garching after the construction of the lecture hall complex within the second construction phase (presumably after 2026). Current students as well as new students of the academic year 2022/23 will study almost entirely at the Munich campus.