MSNE Mentors

Mentoring in MSNE is based on several pillars. Most prominent for each student is a program assigned mentor for each student. Student-mentor ration is capped at ~ 3:1 in order to support well-ballanced mentoring workload.  Main responibility of the assigned mentor is support in creating and updating individual students' learning agreements. In addition, MSNE associated faculty as well as visiting guests help students to learn on carreer options, role models, and to create a very first professional network.


  • Prof. Laura Busse
  • Prof. Gordon Cheng
  • Prof. David Franklin
  • Prof. Julijana Gjorgjieva
  • Prof. Reinhard Heckel
  • Prof. Werner Hemmert
  • Prof. Simon Jacob
  • Prof. David Keays
  • Prof. Alois Knoll
  • Prof. Kristen Kozielski
  • Dr. Emilie Macé
  • Dr. Janie M. Ondracek
  • Prof. Cristina Piazza
  • Prof. Markus Ploner
  • Prof. Ruben Portugues Peters
  • Prof. Bernhard Seeber
  • Prof. Anton Sirota
  • Prof. Gil Westmeyer
  • Prof. Bernhard Wolfrum
    As of Sept. 2022. More mentors are active for MSNE, however not accepting new MSNE Mentees.