MSNE Students

MSNE has started in winter 2016/2017 with a first batch of 15 students. The background of the students covers a wide spectrum of disciplines, perfectly supporting the interdisciplinary nature of MSNE program and projects. Currently (as of Oct. 2019), more than 75 students have enrolled so far.

Beside of the official TUM/MSNE websites, you can get an impression of our program and student-driven initiatives in a MSNE-Student blog (external link, private blog operated by a group of MSNE - students).

The MSNE program supports student mobility in order to enable participation in workshops and conferences. Students in funded activities are encouraged to give a presentation to peer students afterwards. In the first two years, many MSNE students of both batches attended several international workshops and conferences. Students may apply for a basic founding. On-top funding is available for outperforming students with excellent progress in MSNE and extracurricular achievements such as publications.

With (partial) MSNE support, students performed / attended in 2017 at

  • 1st Human Brain Project student conference (Vienna, Austria, February 2017)
  • 3rd Japan-EU Workshop on Neuro-Robotics and International Symposium "Building Bodies for Brains & Brains for Bodies" (Geneva, Switzerland, June 2017)
  • 4th HBP School - Future Computing – Brain Science and Artificial Intelligence (Obergurgl, Austria, June 2017)
  • Pre-doc Summer School on Learning Systems (ETH Zurich, Switzerland, July 2017)
  • HBP Entrepreneurship in Neuroscience (Heidelberg, Germany, July 2017)
  • 5th HBP School - Future Medicine (Obergurgl, Austria, December 2017)

Student mobility/conference trips with MSNE support in 2018:

  • 2nd HBP Student Conference (Ljublijana, Slovenia, February 2018)
  • Interdisciplinary College 2018 (Günne, Germany, March 2018)
  • 10th Munich Life Science Symposium (Munich, Germany, March 2018)
  • TUM CoC Neuro-Engineering Networking Workshop (Munich, Germany, April 2018)
  • German-Israeli Conference on Clinical Neurotechnologies and Healthy Aging (Tübingen, Germany, June 2018)
  • G-Node Short Course on Neural Data Analysis (Munich, Germany, July 2018)
  • Research Semester as a Visiting Student at Massachusetts of Institute of Technology (Massachusetts, USA, June-August 2018)

In May 2017, MSNE students organized a 4-day scientific retreat in Fischen (Allgäu, Germany). The students managed the full planning as a group, including proposal phase, budget issues, guest invitation as well as formal requirements coming from TUM administration. Attending guests have been Dr. Dmitry Fedosov (FZ Jülich), Prof. Heiko Neumann (Ulm University), and Prof. Matthias Bethge (Universität Tübingen).

In May 2018, students organized another 4-day scientific retreat in Ofterschwang (Allgäu, Germany). Scientific guests have been Prof. Jakob Macke (recently appointed at TUM), Prof. Benjamin Grewe (ETH Zurich) and Prof. Thomas Euler (University of Tübingen). This second retreat was jointly organized by both student batches with 33 people contributing.

In May 2019, students organized another 4-day scientific retreat in Brixlegg (Tirol, Austria). Scientific guests have been Dr. Tobias Reichenbach (Imperial College), Prof. Emily King (University of Bremen), Nora Heinzelmann (PhD, Ludwig Maximilans Universität München), along with a lot more guest and contributors.

MSNE Students are reporting on all different kinds of activities in an online blog.

A quite recent student activity is the Neuroengineering Journal Club, a student-initiated format and environment for Master and PhD students to present and discuss projects and research in an informal way and at low inhibition threshold.

Some students set objectives on projects connecting several student cohorts, e.g. by kick-starting a project team for the Cybathlon 2020 competition.

Social activities in the program (e.g. visit of Christmas market, student-organized welcome events for arriving freshmen, intercultural evenings) and sportive events. The MSNE team “Neuruns” participated in Elite Network of Bavaria football tournament “ENB EliteCup” 2017, 2018 and 2019. Beside of football, the MSNE team and MSNE associated faculty attended TUM Campus Run 2018 and 2019, a TUM-wide running challenge.

Sophomore MSNE students are supporting a MSNE Buddy program, helping new students arriving and smoothening their start in Munich. The service has been suggested and is coordinated by MSNE-students. The program started in Summer 2019. In the first year, the buddy program includes a student-student welcome event, an additional preparatory course in electronics for neuroengineering, and a lot of buddy contacts among admitted and enrolled (sophomore) students. 

All these activities correlate with a reported “overall satisfaction with program workload and study-life balance” (Quality Circle Meeting, May 2017, confirmed in Quality Circle Meeting 2018).