The Open Energy Modelling Initiative is a grass-roots organization of modelers from various research institutes, universities and companies, who meet twice a year during workshops to discuss issues such as transparency and open data. The 7th workshop will be hosted by the Chair of... [more]

The ZEI was officially opened on 26.06.2017. With that energy research at the TUM has a new address. Link to the article on the official TUM homepage Link to the SAT.1 Bayern News film Link to ministry of culture [more]

In total there have been fewer power cuts in Nepal recently. A couple of hours without electricity are still not uncommon every day, especially during dry season. So it is part of everyday life that a visit to the hairdresser might leave customers and staff alike sitting in the... [more]

For almost two years our hot-water-system has been in use at Lophelling-Boarding-School (LBS) at an altitude of nearly 3500m in the valley of Manang (Nepal). Prior to this there was only freezing cold water available in the washing room. Thanks to the solar-system every pupil is... [more]

There are some new Topics for Master's Theses online. [more]

The chair recently did a study for the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs: "Secure Power Supply in Bavaria". It focused on the question how to securely supply Bavaria with electricity after the shutdown of the Bavarian nuclear power plants. The study has now been published... [more]

In November 2015, the two master students Lukas Gess and Benedict Schmölz have installed a hot water system on the roof of Lophelling school in Nepal. Recently, we have received word from the headmaster that the plant was put into operation successfully by the teachers and staff... [more]

Die Verbindung von Theorie und Praxis – oft versucht, doch im Projektpraktikum „Konzeptentwicklung eines Erneuerbaren Energiesystems in einem Entwicklungsland“ anschaulich und spannend vermittelt. Ein Highlight war am Ende der Veranstaltung der gemeinsame Aufstieg zur Berghütte... [more]

At the Conference on Future Automotive Technologies, Prof. Hamacher takes part in a discussion on the topic: "300 million euro - what to do with it?". [more]