Open Positions

Full Stack Development for IoT

We are looking for a new working student who can assist with development of new functionalities of our IoT Remote Lab course's server such as:

- New Proxy implementations for different communication protocols

- Implementation of new IoT devices such as robots and their simulations

- Test automation for correction of the deliverables

- Front-end development (

- Building of new user interfaces

Hours per week: It will be adjusted according to the availability of the student. 20h per week is possible.

Start date: As soon as possible.

Required Skills

A good understanding of server administration is desired for managing and understanding the general setup. More particularly:

  • Experience with Docker and Docker compose
  • Experience with Node.js and Go
  • Experience with databases
  • (optional) Knowledge of WebRTC
  • Experience with Vue.js

COVID considerations

None of the planned development requires on-site presence except for some optional device developments. Working from home or a private desk at the university is available.


Please contact Ege Korkan and send your CV.